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Table Topics Master


Madam Toastmaster, Fellow Toast Masters & Welcome Guests!! Good Afternoon!!

Right now—you’re going to have an opportunity to participate in one of the most interesting and exciting portions of a Toastmasters Meeting--The Table Topics session.

Toastmasters has a tradition -- getting as many people to speak in a meeting as possible. The Table Topics session tries to uphold this tradition so…get ready to speak!!

The purpose of Table Topics is to have members practice thinking and speaking on their feet. The skill of speaking on your feet will help you throughout your work career, and also will be valuable in your home-life as well.  To help you practice today, I have prepared a few topics that hopefully will help you meet this goal.

Table Topics are fairly short.  A Table Topic presentation should last from 1 to 2 minutes. NOTE:  Ask the Timer to display the timing “cards” while you give the timing requirements.

  • At 1 minute the Timer will show/turn on the green card;
  • At 1 minutes the Timer will show/turn on the yellow card;
  • At 2 minutes the Timer will show/turn on the red card.
  • Ending:  After you see the red card, you have another 30 seconds so begin to finish your talk.


 It’s important to remember that once you see the green card, you have met your goal and you can start to end your talk.


NOTE:  The Table Topics Master can call on members or ask for volunteers (not saying that volunteering is best).

Since the purpose of Table Topics is to have meeting participants practice thinking and speaking on their feet,” I encourage everyone - members and guests - to give it a try.  To ensure that this happens, I may call on anyone to participate.  Now-let’s begin today’s table topics.

Today’s Table Topic Theme:

NOTE:  Ideally, the Table Topics Master should have a theme for the day’s table topics.  The individual topics normally relate to the theme.  However, a theme is not required.

Todays theme is: __________________________________.  Now who wants to be the first volunteer?

Thank you all very much for participating in today’s Table Topics segment.  I really enjoyed your talks and I’m very proud of you for taking charge of improving your speaking ability.

Return the meeting to the Toastmaster of the Day!! Mister/Madam Toastmaster.  Shake hands with the TMOD and return to your seat.